8 Crazy Ways to Use Pocket Tissue Papers

Pocket tissue papers come in different shapes and are versatile enough to be utilized for several purposes!

You would definitely agree with our claim that, “POCKET TISSUE PAPERS ARE LIFE SAVERS!”

From sniffing your nose to cleaning your hands, they come in handy whenever you need them!


Have you ever tried to use these fragile tissues for purposes other than cleaning?

If not… then keep reading and discover 8 crazy ideas of how you can use pocket tissue papers innovatively!

You won’t even believe how their hidden capabilities can bring ultra-level comfort to your life!

So, let’s start…

Amazing Ideas to Use Pocket Tissue Papers Like A Pro

Apart from using tissue papers for event decor and cleaning, you can also use them as a substitute for different things (on daily basis).

So, here’re some ideas for using pocket tissue paper:

1. Make a Light Diffuser with Pocket Tissue Papers

Are you looking forward to shooting something big but yet worried about a professional setup?

If this is the case then you should say thanks to pocket tissue papers because they’ve got your back!

You can easily make a perfect light diffuser with these tissue papers in just few seconds! Just grab pocket tissue papers and start right away!

Peel the tissue paper into halves. Now, cover the entire light with tissue paper and fix it by attaching a binder clip on the fins of heat sinks.

This super-easy light diffuser works as a softbox which makes the light a bit diffused. You can also use facial tissue papers because they are soft and much more transparent than any other type of tissues.

Note: Do not use it for fluorescent or incandescent lamps! Because tissue might catch fire but it’s perfect for LED lights.

2. Create Tissue Paper Dusk Mask

Are you in a hurry and want to reach your destination without wasting a single second?

But unfortunately, you ran out of face masks! And, jumping out like this, during the current pandemic could cost you your life!

So, what now?

Don’t forget… pocket tissue papers can come in handy any time and save your day!

Grab a tissue and cover your nose and mouth with it. To hold the tissue in place wrap tissue paper around your face. That’s it!

3. Start Doing Experiments with Tissue Papers

Ready for the next hack?

Well, this one’s really surprising!

You might have never imagined that pocket tissue papers can be utilized for scientific experiments. Yes, that’s right!

Tissue paper is a fantastic dissolver and can be used in chromatographic tests. To check the formation of colors.

Now, let’s see what you need for this experiment:

  • Pocket tissue papers
  • Cup of water
  • Erasable marker (don’t use permanent markers and RYB colors)

Steps to follow:

1) First of all, start cutting your tissue paper into equal strips

2) Next, pick one stirp and color the tissue with the marker

3) Now, dip the tissue in the water and see the magic!

You would see colors separating into two different colors.

The bonus point is that you can grab any tissue box from your drawing room or get kitchen tissue rolls to conduct this experiment!

4. Design a Headphone-Bed with Pocket Tissue Packs

Most of you might be using headphones a lot!


Sometimes the top of your head would start hurting due to the plastic.

Not to worry, because you can make a super-effective headphone cover with pocket tissue paper packs and a few rubber bands.

To get rid of this pain, you need to cover few tissue papers on top of the headphone and secure them in place with small rubber bands. And, enjoy!

5. Use Pocket Tissue Papers as Gift Pads

Did you know that pocket tissue papers can be used as cushions for gift boxes?

They’re inexpensive and easy-to-use and you even don’t need to wander in the market to find small cushions. Simply, fold your tissue in a square shape and place it in your box!

Want a pro-tip?

Scented and colorful tissue papers can do wonders… Thus, using them as small cushions can really enhance the beauty of your gift!

6. Make an Emergency Bandage with Pocket Tissue Papers

Pretty sure, you don’t want to waste your time waiting for help in case you get injured! You need an instant solution…

So, why not use pocket tissue papers?

These’re perfect healers and can serve as a first-aid anytime!

For instance, if you’ve accidentally cut your hand, fold a tissue paper around it to stop the blood from flowing.

7. Tuck the Tissue Paper into Your Shoe

Bought a shoe online but it isn’t fitting your size?


No! Tuck in some tissue papers into the toe of your shoe if it’s a bit loose.

Apart from that, you can even use them as a shield to save yourself from getting blistered. Just place some tissues where your shoe hurts and carry on with your day!

8. Move Heavy Furniture with Pocket Tissue Papers

How about tissue papers helping you to move your heavy furniture from one corner to another?

Sounds great! Simply put tissue under each leg of your furniture i.e., sofa, bed, etc., and slide it easily on the floor!

This way you can also save your beautiful floors from getting permanent scratches!

Now you know that pocket tissue papers, apart from cleaning purposes, can perform incredible duties in every field of life. So, grab your pack and start living your life like a pro!

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