5 Amazing Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll Activities for Kids

Ever tried using empty kitchen tissue paper rolls for indoor activities?

If not, then keep reading and discover the top entertaining and learning activities for children!

So, let’s dive in….

5 Super-Easy Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll Activities

Tissue papers come in different shapes and can be used for a variety of purposes! You talk about cleaning a kitchen shelf, blowing your nose, or removing makeup… Tissues papers are everywhere!


Have you ever imagined that these tissue rolls can be used for different other purposes? Like, you can make event décor items and use them to create amazing learning activities for children!

That’s right!

Empty kitchen tissue paper rolls can be transformed into colorful tubes with the help of which you can conduct a plethora of fun and learning projects!

So, here are some amazing activities:

  1. Plant Seeds at Home
  2. Create a Kazoo for Your Kids 
  3. Design Letter Tubes for Children 
  4. Make a 3-D Tree with Empty Tissue Rolls
  5. Create Paper Plate Rings
  1. Plant Seeds at Home

Planting seeds with empty kitchen tissue rolls is perhaps the easiest way to help your children learn about plants and science.

Either you want to do it in a classroom or with your children at home, you can easily conduct it.

How to do it?
  1. Grab a tissue roll and make a series of vertical cuts at one end (each cut of ½ half inch)
  2. Now, fold in the cut sections towards the center of the roll to create the bottom of your pot
  3. The pot is ready! Grab more rolls and repeat these steps
  4. Once you’re done, place them all in a tray or bowl
  5. Tie a long twine around them all
  6. Fill in the pots with soil and plant the seeds
  7. Wait for few days to let the seeds grow
  8. Once the plants have grown you can remove them and embed in the garden


  1. Create a Kazoo for Your Children

Are you looking forward to creating something super-entertaining for your children! If so, then stop tossing empty tissue rolls in the bin. And, transform them into a wonderful Kazoo!


Things you need to grab:
Steps to follow:
  1. Cover the end of the roll with wax paper/facial tissue paper and secure it with a rubber band
  2. Pick up the pencil and poke three vertical holes on the side of the roll
  3. Now, paint the Kazoo with beautiful colors
  4. And, allow the kids to produce sound in it from the open end of the tube


  1. Design Letter Tubes

Are your children having trouble learning phonemes?

No worries…

Because now you can design letter tubes with kitchen tissue paper rolls and let your child play with each sound!

With this fun activity children would learn without even realizing that they’re learning!

So, let’s see how you can make super-effective letter tubes:

  1. Take tissue paper rolls and write letters (upper and lowercase both)on each roll with a permanent marker
  2. Now, grab ping pong balls and write the letters on each
  3. Place the balls in a bowl and hang the tubes with threads or simply set them free on the floor


How to play it?

Once you’re done with the entire setting, get your students ready!

Now, articulate one phoneme and ask the student to find the related ball and put it in the corresponding roll within 30 seconds.

Let your students sing the phonemes every time they place a ball in the roll.


  1. Make a 3-D Tree with Empty Tissue Rolls

The idea of creating 3-dimensional art with tissue paper is totally out of the box! It’s a fun project and would bring energy to your home or classroom.


How to make a 3-dimensional apple tree?
  1. Pick up few empty kitchen tissue paper rolls and ask the children to apply brown paint all around them.
  2. Now, let the rolls dry completely!
  3. After that, get green color papers and cut them in the shape of tree leaves
  4. Now, cut two equal slits on each end of the paper tube
  5. And, push the treetop in it

You can place them anywhere on top of the table or in the cabinet.

Want a pro tip?

To make it look more attractive use party pack tissue papers and start creating mini paper flowers! Simply paste them on top of the trees and let them shine!


  1. Design Paper Plate Rings

Paper plate rings are very popular among children! And, conducting this activity with an empty kitchen tissue roll is not at all a tough task!


Things you need:
  • Paper plates
  • Paints
  • Empty kitchen tissue paper rolls
  • Scissor
  • Tape
Steps to follow:
  1. Take one paper plate and draw a huge circle in its center
  2. Cut the circle for using it as a ring (do the same with other plates)
  3. Paint it with beautiful colors
  4. Your rings are ready with your rings,
  5. Now, get a new tissue roll
  6. With the help of a scissor, cut slits on one end and flatten its ends outwards
  7. Now, fix it on one new paper plate by using tape so it would easily stand

That’s it!

If you’ve never tried any of the above activities then grab some empty kitchen tissue paper rolls and start playing with your children!


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