10 Cool Ways to Store Maxob Tissue Rolls

Nobody wants to run out of toilet rolls! And, pretty sure you want some extra in hand.

But storing these maxob tissue rolls is not less than a huge hassle!

You talk about the toilet or kitchen tissue rolls, both of them can clutter up space under the sink or get dirty sitting on any shelf!

So, where to put your maxob tissue rolls?

Here we have listed 10 amazing tissue holder ideas to store your rolls! So, they can come in handy whenever you want those!

Let’s get into this…


10 Smart Maxob Tissue Roll Holder Ideas

Toilet paper holders can add so much style to your bathroom.

No matter your bathroom is small or super-vast, all these easy ideas listed below can help you create your holder in just a few minutes!

The bonus point is that you don’t need to spend tons of money to buy expensive interiors!

Everything is on a budget!

So, here’re 10 smart maxob tissue roll holder ideas:


 1) Use a Magazine Rack

Magazine holders are perfectly fine for storing your maxob tissue rolls. In fact, you don’t have to struggle hours and hours to create your own.

Just shift your magazine holder from your living room to the bathroom! And start storing your rolls in it!

It’s better to be on the safer side and store your rolls in the best possible manner! Because once you unpack one single tissue, it would start inviting dust!


 2) Create A Holder with Bucket

Want a quick DIY that is super easy to do and saves your loads of time?

Grab an old bucket and simply hang it on your wall!

Pass your tissue roll from the handle and place your magazines in the open mouth of the bucket!

That’s it!  


 3) Grab a Rope and Two Mini Hooks

Listing this idea on top of the “easiest-hacks” sounds perfect!

Every one of you might have a small piece of rope anywhere around your home. So, just pick it up and make loops at each end. Pass it through the hollow center of tissue paper.

After this. drill two mini coat hooks on the bathroom wall or wherever you want to hang your rope holder.

Now, you can easily fetch your tissue rolls!


 4) Set a Small Cabinet on the Side of a Shelf

This one is super easy!

You can buy a small cabinet from the market and place it on the shelf to store your tissue papers.

Not only this, you can even organize your toothbrush, creams, facial tissue papers, and much more in this simple sink-sided cabinet holder!


 5) Make A fabric Holder

How about designing something innovative yet simple and easy?

Creating a fabric tissue holder is one of the impressive DIYs with the help of which you can store a number of tissue rolls!

So, let’s see how you can make this holder:

  1. Measure the circumference of your roll in inches (multiply this number by 2 and then add 6)
  2. Now, measure the width of your rolls (in inches) and add 2
  3. Cut two pieces of fabric as per your measurements (for example 36 x 6.5 inches)
  4. After this, place the right vertical side of one fabric with the other’s right side and sew all the way round
  5. Sew all the left and bottom side with each other
  6. Now, turn the fabric outside from the open mouth and iron it
  7. Once your rectangular fabric is ready, cut 2 long strips of the same fabric
  8. And pin these on the top of the fabric as shown in the image below:

9.  After this, fold the rectangular fabric into half and sew the top edges shut, securing the two strips!
10. Sew one last seam in the middle of the rectangular fabric and hang it anywhere in your bathroom!

Hopefully, this would really help to solve your never-ending storage issues.


 6) Transform a Coper Hanger

Do you have so many wire hangers stored in your cabinet? If yes, then take them out because these can really transform into wonderful tissue holders!

How to make it?
  1. First, stretch the hanger out into a circular shape.
  2. Now, reshape it into a huge square
  3. Once you’re done, try making a C-shape as shown in the image below:

You know what? These hangers can be shifted from one spot to another and even you can use them to hang your kitchen tissue rolls!


 7) Bring a Floating Crate

If you have any floating crate back in your store, then why don’t you just grab one and place it near your toilet shelf?

You can store so many tissue rolls in it and other toiletries as well!

But don’t forget to renew it by spraying some paint or decorating with mini flowers!


 8) Design Wall Tree Holder

You can design a wall tree tissue paper holder with giant cardboard and start storing your rolls!

Simply, draw an outline of a tree on cardboard and cut it. Spray some paint and move the twigs outwards to place your maxob tissue rolls!

Now, paste the tree on the wall and let your bathroom shine!


 9) Get Floating Baskets

Instead of storing your tissue papers on different spots… gather them all in a single floating basket.

Bring one of your favorite baskets from the market and place it on top of the shelf … or wherever you want!


 10) Reuse Plastic Bottles

Last but not the least, cut a 5-liter Nestle water bottle into two halves. Use the one with a cap and drill two parallel circles.

Simply, pass a rod or stick and place your tissue roll in it! The plastic acts as a shield and protects maxob tissue roll from the water drops and dust!

Even if you’re tired of wandering out in markets!

Even if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on tissue holders!

Still, you can have your own maxob tissue roll holders without getting involved in these overwhelming situations! Just try out the above hacks and see the magic!

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