10 Things You Never Knew About Bathroom Tissue Paper

There are millions of bathroom tissues on sale out there!

And probably you’re using them every single day!

Yet, most of us don’t even know from where it came and for what innovative purposes it is being used across the world. Just like every other invention, bathroom tissue papers also have a story!

If you’re missing them all, then jump in to discover some weird facts about bathroom tissue. And we bet, all of them are going to blow your mind!

So, let’s get into this…


10 Weird Facts About Bathroom Tissue

You went to the market and grabbed some tissue rolls… is that it? No! there is a lot about bathroom tissue rolls that you probably never knew.

So, without further ado let’s walk through the amazing facts:


1. China: The Originator of Bathroom Tissue

Did you know that bathroom tissue was first discovered in China during the 2nd century BC? It was never used for cleaning, Yen Chih-Thui used it for storing his writings!

Even today, if you run out of pages and need to write an emergency note… Take help from bathroom tissue rolls!

Apart from that, you can also decorate your events and reuse tissue rolls for designing amazing crafts.


2. 75% Population of the World is Missing it!

Not every individual is bathroom rolls!

With a variety of bathroom tissues on sale, only a small ratio of the population can afford and store them in their toilets!


Can you wonder how many bathroom tissue rolls are being manufactured for this small group of people?


3. 27,000 Trees Are Sacrificed Daily!

You win some, you lose some!

That’s a fact! And in this case, we have to sacrifice around 27,000 trees every single day. Just to produce tissues for bathroom! Yes, you read it correctly!


4. Bathroom Tissues Have Nicknames!

“Bathroom tissue on sale!”

How about, a jumbo pack of bog rolls on sale?

This sounds much more exciting. There’re so many other nicknames you can use for bathroom tissue rolls!

Google yourself to find out how many nicknames these tissues are having!


5. World’s Largest Bathroom Tissue Was 8 Feet High

You talk about maxob tissue rolls or kitchen tissue rolls, all of them come in a standard size. This does not mean that manufactures have never created a huge bathroom tissue roll.

Charmin created a giant bathroom roll in USA to celebrate national tissue day. Which was around 8 feet high with a diameter of 9 feet.


6. The Tissue Paper Museum Actually Existed!

Everybody knows about historical museums or art galleries. But have you ever heard about a tissue paper museum?

Well, Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue actually exited and was solely devoted to bathroom rolls!

Unfortunately, this museum has been lost years ago and now exists in historical narrations only!


7. August 26: The National Tissue Day

Bathroom tissue rolls are lifesavers and dedicating one whole day to this product is worth it! We celebrate national tissue day on August 26, 1871, when it was sold for the first time.

These tissues have become a major part of our life and imagining a world without these rolls is not less than a nightmare!

So, thanks to all the manufactures and shopkeepers with a “bathroom tissue on sale” signboard!


8. Tissue paper Fashion Show Went Viral in 2014

This one is really unbelievable!

In 2014, Canadian Fashion designers used white bathroom tissue rolls for designing outstanding dresses!

This magnificent fashion show, not less than a fantasy, was dedicated to bathroom tissue rolls. The models walked on the ramp like fairies showing off their stunning tissue paper dresses!


9. Toilet Tissue Papers and Facial Tissue Papers Are Not Same!

Bathroom and facial tissue papers might seem like the same product but in reality, they are pretty much different. Toilet rolls come up with special decomposing powers.

This is why you need to be super-careful before using facial rolls in the bathroom or kitchen rolls for removing makeup.

Because different types of tissues have specific properties and it works best if you use them for the same purpose it was made for.


10. A Novel on Tissue Paper was Written by A Japanese Novelist

Wait… Really?

Yes, that’s true! You would be more surprised on hearing the genre of this novel. Guess what? A Japanese writer wrote an entire horror novel on tissue papers!

Amazed by the popularity of bathroom tissue rolls?

It was never meant for cleaning. But today it is not only used for hygienic purposes, but you can even use them for creating fun activities for children.

The world has evolved but the tissue rolls have not lost their importance!

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