Workplace Hygiene & Employee Absenteeism – What’s the Truth?

Is your business growth suffering due to habitual employee absenteeism?

Do you know workplace hygiene and cleanliness can be the reason behind reduced productivity?

Let’s face this fact, if your workplace isn’t clean, illnesses such as cold, flu, hepatitis A, and most importantly Covid-19 can spread like wild fire!

In such a work environment, where the surroundings aren’t clean and safe from health perspective, employees would be highly susceptible to contracting dangerous viruses.

And because they’d fall sick more often, they’d go on leave more often!

Chronic Uncleanliness, Chronic Diseases, and Chronically Absent Employees

Employee absenteeism can have a severe impact on workplace productivity and business growth. For any organization, sick leaves and absent employees can cost a lot.

The first step to managing employee attendance is always this:

‘Identifying the underlying issues and reasons behind chronic absenteeism.’

Here’s a list of signs you need to look out for if things have been rough for a while:

  • Frequent absences due to illnesses
  • Illnesses spreading among co-workers
  • Increase in use of sick leave
  • Last minute requests for leave
  • Leaving work early due to health issues
  • Multiple employees going on leave at the same time

All the above signs indicate hygiene and cleanliness related issues at your workplace.

It’s true, substandard hygiene can lead to excessive employee absenteeism.

How to control it? By acting immediately to improve workplace hygiene!

6 Easy Steps to Improving Workplace Hygiene and Cleanliness

Unhygienic places are the major reason behind the spread of infections, viruses, and harmful diseases.

The work desks, kitchen appliances, and bathroom facilities in your workplace are being used by numerous employees on a daily basis. Just imagine the number of hands that touch the coffee machine EVERY DAY, and the germs that may be spreading from there on to the work stations, meeting rooms, door knobs, and almost everywhere else around the workplace.

Here’s how you can improve workplace cleanliness:

1. Place Tissue Boxes Around the Office

One box of facial tissues can go a long way. From wiping your hands to cleaning your personal space and items, facial tissues can also come in handy if any employee is suffering from flu or cold.

Unlike traditional handkerchief, tissues can be disposed off after being used once, hence allowing you to maintain a good hygiene in the workplace.

In this way, you can keep the infections from spreading, and prevent your employees from falling sick too often by increasing the use of facial tissues in the workplace.

2. Add Toilet Paper Rolls to the Bathrooms

Imagine the number of harmful bacteria that a bathroom has. A lot, right?

Now think of a bathroom that’s used by multiple people throughout the day. Sounds like a home to infections!
Toilet papers can help keep the surfaces clean and tidy. But make sure you’re placing the toilet paper roll on a clean spot to avoid germs from spreading.

3. Replace Cloth Towel with Disposable Hand Towels

Here’s another way you can improve cleanliness in the bathrooms at your workplace:
Replace traditional cloth towels with paper hand towels that can be disposed off after a single use.

You can add tissue paper dispensers in the bathrooms and avoid the hassle of having to replace the cloth towel every other day.

In case you’re worried that such an excessive use of tissue papers is harmful for the environment, know that tissues are eco-friendly. Unlike plastic bags and bottles, tissue papers and their empty rolls decompose on their own.

4. Always Keep Kitchen Tissue in Place

If there’s a kitchen or cafeteria at your workplace, make sure to add in kitchen tissue rolls. Spills are a common cause of uncleanliness in such places and paper towels can help keep the surfaces clean.

Moreover, kitchen tissues can also be used to clean the inside of a microwave oven, the coffee maker, and other such kitchen appliances.

5. Increase the Use of Sanitizer

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned sanitizer into a daily healthcare product. Whether you’re inside your own private office, in a meeting room, or waiting at the reception, using sanitizer to keep your hands clean and germ-free is a must.

Place sanitizer dispensers around your workplace and instruct your employees to use it repeatedly.

6. Instruct Employees to De-Clutter their Work Stations

Cluttered spaces don’t just collect dust, they also become home to harmful bacteria that further cause the spread of infections and viruses.

Ensure the work desks are cleaned on a regular basis with a disinfectant and paper towel. Do not use the same duster for cleaning all the surfaces. Also, place tissue boxes and sanitizers on every workstation to improve workplace hygiene.

All in all, you can easily control employee absenteeism by making your workplace clean, hygienic, and safe from health perspective. Don’t forget, sick and absent employees are a major cause of unproductivity and unsteady business growth!

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