3 Ways to Ensure Employees are Healthy and Safe from Germs

Bad workplace hygiene is often the reason behind increased employee absenteeism and low work productivity.

If employees at your workplace aren’t safe and protected from infectious diseases or viruses such as COVID-19, they won’t be able to put in their maximum efforts.

Additionally, since your workforce would go on sick leave more often, you’d have to bear the cost of their absence.

Wondering how you can ensure everyone’s safe at your workplace?

Here’re some great tips from hygiene experts:

1. Tissues, Tissues, Tissues Everywhere

Whether it’s a restaurant, office, or any workplace in need of better hygiene and safety measures in terms of health, adding tissue papers to the premises can be your first step.

These are the four different types of tissue papers that you need in your workplace:

  • Facial Tissues

A box of facial tissues can help raise the bar on health and hygiene, as well as aid in reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Unlike the traditional cloth handkerchiefs, pocket tissue papers or facial tissues can be disposed off after a single use. Which means, a sick person won’t be carrying his germs with himself after sneezing or coughing.

Moreover, placing facial tissue boxes on work desks, reception, and in the meeting room would improve cleanliness and keep harmful germs at bay.

  • Kitchen Tissue Rolls

If your workplace has a kitchen or cafeteria, kitchen tissues should be used for cleaning purposes instead of a rag or duster. Use of disposable kitchen tissues ensures that the highest level of hygiene and health safety standards are met. Plus, they can be easily placed in an aesthetically appealing kitchen tissue holder that won’t ruin your interior décor.

  • Toilet Rolls/Bathroom Tissue

Bathrooms in workplaces are used by multiple people daily. Can you imagine the number of germs and harmful bacteria your workplace toilet may be housing?

A lot!

While cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting surfaces surely helps, one can’t ignore the importance of toilet rolls when it comes to hygiene.

Rose Petal Maxob rolls come at the most affordable prices and are one of the cheapest ways of improving workplace cleanliness.

  • Hand Towels

Installing a hand towel or paper towel dispenser is a must in toilets that are used by multiple people daily. That’s because the regular cloth towel can house a huge number of germs and harmful bacteria that keeps on growing due to moisture.

Hand towels, on the other hand, are stored in moisture-free tissue paper dispensers. They’re free from germs and can be disposed off after a single use!

Now that’s what we call a hygienic work environment!


2. Increase the Use of Hand Sanitizer

Next step to keeping your employees safe from germs starts with installing sanitizer dispensers around your office and then guiding everyone to use it whenever they feel the need.

Germs and viral bacteria can transfer easily from hands to surfaces and around the workplace. If not sanitized properly, dirty hands can cause diseases such as COVID-19, hepatitis, flu, and cold to spread like wild fire among co-workers.


3. Thoroughly Clean and Disinfect Surfaces

Lastly, ensure your employees are healthy and safe from germs by making the work environment cleaner and more hygienic for them.

Use a disinfectant to clean surfaces such as floors, work stations, tables, etc.

Also, get your janitor to disinfect objects such as door knobs and handles to keep them free of germs.

Bonus Tip: Hygienic Workplaces are More Productive

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and more productive too!

Designing and implementing a solid workplace hygiene policy that suits your business type is the best way of ensuring your employees are safe from germs, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Provide your employees with a clean bathroom, in addition to clean wipes, tissues, and sanitizers. Make sure all the spots and places in your office building are cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Plus, don’t forget to get surfaces and objects of regular use disinfected for protection against deadly viruses.

Remember, employee absenteeism can cost you a lot more than taking the necessary measures for hygiene improvement at your workplace!

It’s always better late than sorry!

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