Here’s Why Jet Dryers Should NOT be Used in Hospitals!

Jet air hand dryers spread germs and scientists have warned against their use in hospitals!

According to a recent study conducted in the University of Leeds, UK, contamination levels in hospital bathrooms with jet dryers are higher in comparison to bathrooms where paper towels are used.

Why is it so?

Let’s face it, not everyone is habitual of washing their hands as properly and thoroughly as recommended by healthcare experts and doctors. Because germs and bacteria are left on hands even after washing, scientists say jet dryers are responsible for spreading more germs than hand paper towels.


How do Jet Air Hand Dryers Spread ‘Significantly More’ Germs than Paper Towels?

If hands are not thoroughly washed after using the toilet, using a jet dryer can result in the formation of contaminated droplets that remain in the air for up to three long hours!

In other words, the bacterial microbes and germs on hands are blown off when one uses jet dryers. These micro bacteria then spread around the toilet room and contaminate surfaces in addition to polluting the air.

Scientists have claimed that jet dryers can risk an increase in the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 as well as other dangerous diseases. A COVID-19 carrier who uses a jet air hand dryer can generate contaminated micro-droplets and aerosols that can stay in the air for hours and breathe in by many!

Apart from being a threat to the health of those who may use the toilet, jet air dryers have also been deemed ‘too noisy’ for clinical areas and hospital bathrooms.

Hospital buildings require a clean and hygienic environment from a health perspective more than anyplace else. If hospital bathrooms continued posing health risks to hundreds of persons on a daily basis, the consequences would be immense.


How to Prevent Bacterial Contamination in Hospital Bathrooms?

In addition to banning the use of jet air hand dryers in hospital bathrooms that’re used by many infected individuals on a daily basis, hand towel dispensers should be installed to prevent bacterial contamination.

That’s because, unlike jet dryers, hand paper towels don’t create contaminated air droplets or aerosols. Even if used by an infected individual, or someone who hasn’t washed their hands properly with an anti-bacterial handwash, a contaminated paper towel won’t spread germs because of its disposable nature.

On the other hand, traditional hand towels and jet dryers both pose serious health risks to individuals using toilets in hospitals and public areas.

Moreover, hospital bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant multiple times a day. Clean bathroom tissue paper should be present in the toilets at all times and must be stored in a dry spot.

Additionally, good anti-bacterial handwashes and sensor-operated taps can help prevent the spread of viral bacteria and harmful germs.


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