5 Steps to Ensure COVID-19 SOPs are Implemented

Awareness of COVID-19 guidelines and strict implementation of the SOPs is necessary for reducing the risk of more deaths.

The rapid surge of COVID-19 cases has hit every country around the globe, damaging economies, destroying businesses, and suffocating many to death.

Amid the current pandemic, while most are losing hope, running a business requires more than just constant effort and strength. Today’s situation demands strict implementation of COVID-19 SOPs.

If you’re not sure how to make this happen at your workplace and reduce the risk of your employees contracting the deadly virus, we’ve got some easy tips to share!

Implement COVID-19 SOPs in 5 Easy Steps

The ongoing outbreak poses a challenge to businesses and organizations of all kinds – the challenge of keeping the work going while ensuring your employees are safe, protected, and in good health.

In other words, it’s time to make your workplace COVID-secure!

Here are 5 easy steps you should follow to keep the virus at bay:

1. COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Start by updating risk assessment at your workplace so that you’d be able to manage the risk of COVID-19 and protect employees.

For this, you must:

  • Identify the situations and work activities that may lead to virus transmission among people
  • Think about the workers who could be at risk
  • Consider the likelihood of your employees being exposed to the virus
  • Act to eliminate the activity or remove the situation if possible. Or, take proper measures to control the risk

Additionally, you should also continually update your COVID risk assessments in order to make sure any changes in the official guidelines by the government are implemented. For example, changes in restriction on a national or local level.

2. Ensuring Social Distancing and Cleanliness

Next comes the practical measures you need to take, including social distancing among employees and following hygiene guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

You would need to:

  • Keep employees 2 meters apart from each other. If not possible, keeping 1 meter is acceptable alongside risk mitigation measures
  • Ensure all the surfaces and objects are properly cleaned and disinfected regularly
  • Provide sanitizers to employees
  • Make sure an anti-bacterial handwash is present in the bathrooms
  • Place clean and hygienic facial tissue boxes on desks and encourage the use of hand paper towels in place of the traditional cloth towels
  • Instruct employees to wear face masks at the workplace

3. Proper Ventilation and Air Conditioning

You may already know this; healthcare workers and experts have often emphasized upon the importance of proper ventilation during the pandemic. That is to make sure contaminated micro droplets and airborne bacteria don’t remain trapped inside the room.

Without proper ventilation and air conditioning, you would be putting workers at the risk of breathing in contaminated air droplets.

4. Make Workers Aware of COVID-19 Guidelines

It’s important for your workers to know about the changes being made and the guidelines they need to follow.

Conduct a meeting or share the COVID-19 SOPs with your employees via email.

If you wish to continue business operations safely, you need to convey the importance of work safety to your employees and make sure they adhere to the guidelines.

5. Allow Work from Home, if Possible

For those of your employees who’re facing transportation issues amid the lockdown, or have an infected family member at home, you would definitely need to allow work from home.

Apart from this, it’s recommended that you reduce the occupancy at your work place as much as possible. Allow employees to work from home while staying in a close contact with them.


Lastly, don’t forget to make sure your business is flowing the local and national COVID-19 SOPs!

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