Best Spots for Hand Sanitizers in Your Office

Want your employees and customers to use the hand sanitizers that you’ve placed around the office?

If yes, you’d have to work on the location and spots where you put the product.

Read on and find out where to place sanitizers and tissue box in your office!

Why Do You Need Hand Sanitizers in Work Place?

You’ve instructed your employees to wash their hands regularly, placed antibacterial soaps in each restroom, have paper hand towels instead of traditional cloth towels near the sink, but there’s no sanitizer in your office. You’re not doing everything in your power to keep your employees safe and healthy.

According to doctors and researchers, a majority of infections and viruses and infections spread from hands. And we use our hands a lot in workspaces.

When all your employees and customers are touching the same surface and objects again and again, there’s a high risk of viruses such as COVID-19 spreading among them.

What to do?

Protect them by placing hand sanitizer bottles around your office.

Don’t worry the price would eventually benefit you because there would be fewer sick leaves and more productivity by your employees.

Place sanitizer at these spots:

1. Break rooms

Even if all your employees wash their hands before eating, they’re still at a high risk of contracting infections.


Because the sink faucet in your break room is one of the ‘germiest’ spots in your entire office. Moreover, refrigerators, shelves, vending machines, etc. these are all spots that are touched frequently and gather germs.

Hand sanitizers are the best way of eating with completely germ-free hands!

Also, don’t forget to place a Rose Petal tissue box at each table.

2. Rest rooms

This one is obvious; you don’t want your employees to exit the restroom with unclean and germ filled hands.

Place a hand sanitizer bottle or install a hand sanitizer dispenser near the door of the rest room so your employees exit with germ-free hands.

3. Meeting rooms

Whenever they’re a lot of people gathering at one spot, there are bound to be a lot of germs.

You’d be shocked if you could ever see the number of germs present in your meeting room.

Which means, this is another main spot where you should be placing a hand sanitizer bottle, because no one would be getting up to wash their hands during an important meeting!

4. Employee workstations

You’d be surprised if you knew how dirty workstations really are!

From the keys of your keyboard, to your water bottle, mouse, and document files, each object gathers lots of germs because they’re frequently touched during the day.

Place a hand sanitizer and be free of the worry!

5. Exits and Entrances

Even if you don’t let customers in without a mask, there’s no guarantee of their hands being clean. Which means, dangerous viruses can spread when a customer touches objects around your office.

Place a hand sanitizer at each entrance and exit to assure your employees and workers stay safe from all sorts of viruses.

If you have a transaction counter or reception, add a hand sanitizer there as well, alongside a box of tissue papers.

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