How to Support Your Employees During Political Unrest?

The Corona Virus pandemic was a reminder of how companies always need to be prepared for the worst.

The turmoil experienced over the past two years has been quite damaging for employees. Many people have still not recovered from the pandemic and now the country is facing a political uproar.

Don’t Let Disturbance be Caused by Free Speech

Many workplace disturbances are caused by workers who believe they have the right to free expression.

Prepare to explain that the law only bans the government from controlling free speech, not private businesses and that the corporation may thus establish its own workplace rules.

External demonstrations, such as those concerning political candidates, civil rights concerns, climate change, privacy, and other topics, have a negative impact on employee relations in the workplace.

Organizations can take the following steps to aid employees in these unprecedented times:

Step 1: Inform Workers of the Possible Repercussions

Political upheaval makes routine operations difficult.

Employees who live in areas where tensions are high and violence is common will be influenced not just emotionally, but also in how they behave at work. In such challenging situations, you may provide them time off from work to enable the situation to normalize.

This reduces the possibility of an assault while simultaneously ensuring their security.

Furthermore, if the disturbances continue to the point where regular operations are halted, you may be obliged to lock your doors until the situation stabilizes.

Changes in the workplace may have an impact on the emotional and financial well-being of your employees, as well as on you. You should plan for such results and convey your plans to your employees ahead of time.

Always Have an Action Plan

When regular business operations are disturbed, you must devise an action plan to save the workers, yourself, and the company.

This will need aggressive actions on your part. They may involve recognizing the crisis’s effect and prevalence, as well as providing options such as therapy for workers’ mental health.

Correspondingly, you may be obliged to reduce expenditure and decrease expenses in order to keep the firm running. If the situation continues, inform your staff that you may take drastic actions, such as reducing their salary and allowances, until the political atmosphere improves.

Employee Assistance Programs

In addition, protests may cause tension in both the home and the workplace.

Depression and anxiety may be exacerbated, and further assistance from the EAP might be lifesaving. Examine your policy for:

  • Coverage—does it include both workers and family members?
  • Are there any new services or specialized resources that you might offer?

Time has proven again and again that companies get greatly affected by political instability. To survive through these unpredictable times, it is essential for companies to have an action plan and inform employees about the possible outcomes.

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