Research Shows More Happiness Means More Hard Work

According to research conducted by the Oxford University’s Said Business School, happy employees tend to be 13% more hardworking and productive than the rest.

So, the next time you hear yourself speaking about a term such as “performance improvement plan”, or talking hard to an employee because he couldn’t meet your standard production metrics, think about how you can improve employee happiness instead.

What’s the Secret Ingredient of Hard Work?

Motivation is what makes a man achieve his goals, and the secret ingredient behind staying motivated is happiness.

If your employees aren’t happy in their work environment, or if they don’t like their job, they won’t be motivated at all to achieve the set goals. Hence, the performance metrics bear a huge hit, so do your company’s sales and your overall revenue.

Here’s how you can improve this by making your employees feel generally motivated and happy:

1. Make Sure You Have a Proper Incentive Plan

Rewarding your employees for their good performance can go a long way. Set up incentives for employees who go an extra mile while achieving their said goals and those who push the boundaries to do more than what’s expected of them.

This would not just motivate the employees who have been given incentives, but it would also make others push themselves harder to achieve the same.

2. Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

Your employees won’t be happy if they’re spending more time at work and compromising their personal and family lives in the process. Not having a proper work-life balance can lead to chronic stress which would eventually affect performance at work.

Additionally, having longer working days can lead to irritability, fatigue, muscle pain, and other mental as well as physical issues. And remember, sick employees are never productive.

3. Allow a Flexible Working Schedule

Unless you’re a bank or any other such business that requires to follow proper timings in order to operate, it is recommended that you allow a flexible working schedule to your employees.

Set a limit of hours that your employees need to spend at work every day, and leave it on them to create their own working routine.

This would surely make those night owls happier and more productive!

4. A Positive Work Environment is Necessary

If there’s a lot of work politics in your office, your employees are surely focusing their energies elsewhere which is impacting their productivity.

Although it’s tricky to build a positive work environment that excites employees, it’s crucially important as well.

Create a transparent work environment that makes people feel they can discuss anything openly, and don’t forget to add a bit of excitement in the mix through fun activities, such as company trips, games and healthy competitions.

Lastly, remember that happiness isn’t an equation that can be solved. But, solving problems at work instead of avoiding them will lead to a better work culture, and ultimately happy employees.

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