Warning: Plastic is Killing Us

Our oceans are filled with more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic and this non-decomposable waste is killing the planet!

Think of it this way:

You’re surrounded by plastic. From your toiletries, to your toddler’s toys, packaging of the food you eat, and even the shopping bags that you just brought home – it’s a plastic world around you.

Now, let’s face the fact that plastic is a life-threatening material. Plastic waste is increasing pollution at an alarming rate and resulting in serious environmental crises.

Still not convinced?

We’ve listed down some reasons that would prove plastic is killing us!

Here is How Plastic is Affecting Us and Our Planet

Not only Earth’s ecological environment, but every single human being and animal is being adversely affected by the increasing plastic pollution and its production process.

In fact, the fascinating marine life is also under a huge threat!

Here is how:

Plastic Takes Tons of Years to Degrade!

You would be surprised on hearing that plastic takes more than 450 years to decompose.

Yes, that’s true!

Once plastic materials are thrown out, they remain in landfills for centuries!

Here’s how long it takes for certain plastic items to decompose:

Cigarette butt: 10 years

Plastic grocery bag: 20 years

Styrofoam cup: 50 years

Plastic bottle: 450 years

Disposable diaper: 450 years

Fishing line: 600 years

Moreover, when these items finally start decomposing, they release deadly chemicals into the environment, including Bisphenol (BPA) which seeps into our food and water.

Did you know that such toxic chemicals affect human health in more ways than one?

Exposure to BPA can cause diabetes, cancer, infertility, and brain problems in human beings. Not only this, but it’s also killing the marine life!

It Is Threatening the Aquatic Life

Around 17.6 billion pounds of plastic is thrown into the oceans every year.

Further, it is forecasted that by the year 2050 there would be more plastic floating in our seas than fish!

Let us make one thing clear, if this prediction came true, many people would lose their most significant food source and countries would face a huge economic loss!

Moreover, if ocean species are gone our earth’s oxygen level would rapidly start decreasing.


Oceanographers believe that sea creatures, such as phytoplankton are responsible for contributing around 50% to 85% of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

Well, if plastic pollution keeps on harming marine animals, there are chances that life on earth would end soon!

Plastic’s Manufacturing Process is Increasing Environmental Crises

Plastic’s production process itself is a huge threat to our planet.

It is manufactured by burning coal and natural gas. The industries in which it is prepared emit deadly gases, (i.e., Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide) in the air. This increases global warming and gives birth to serious health diseases.

In addition to this, such gases when released in the air combine with other substances and result in acid rain.

Just because of the plastic manufacturing industries, our earth has to suffer miserably!

Now, that you’re aware of how plastic is killing us all, let’s discuss a few tips on how you can play a role in reducing plastic pollution:

Firstly, replace plastic cans and containers with BPA-free baby or glass containers and plastic shoppers with jute, cloth, or paper bags.

After that, create a community to clean your local areas and further put pressure on government representatives to ban the use of plastic.

A plastic-free life sounds like an impossible dream but you can play your role in saving Mother Earth by reducing plastic usage to a bare minimum!


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